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One Border, Many Sides

Though the law is new, the frustration is certainly not.


Offensive Humor

Mr. Peter Griffin and friends go to Washington DC.

Offensive humor, carefull.

Freedom is a burden


Special Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona

“Machete” was just a trailer for a movie that was never shot.

People/fans liked it so much that it will end up in theaters.

Arid Zona

Our System is the Envy of the World

I came across this article by American Enterprise Institute president Arthur C. Brooks today, ‘Spreading The Wealth’ Isn’t Fair. I’m curious to know if people from outside of the United States agree with his conclusion —  “…our system is the envy of the world and should be a source of pride. Generation after generation, it has rewarded hard work and good values, education and street smarts. It has offered the world’s most disadvantaged not government redistribution but a chance to earn their success. That is true fairness, American-style.”

Brookings data on America

0228 Brookings ‘How We Are Doing Index’